Duolingo…або як вивчити українську 🇺🇦 мову?

Have you TRIED this app? If you want to learn Ukrainian from scratch or reinforce your existing knowledge, try duolingo. The best parts about this app are: its user-friendly interface intuitive approach to learning and small, bite-size, lessons that you can complete in a few minutes while on public transportation or on a coffee break.Continue reading “Duolingo…або як вивчити українську 🇺🇦 мову?”

New publication – Ukrainian Alphabet coloring book

We are happy to announce the publication of Ukrainian Alphabet coloring book for kids (Українська Абетка – розмальовка для дітей). All 33 letters of the Ukrainian alphabet are paired with cute animals to provide visual learning (Aa – Akula/Aкула, Бб – Bilochka/Білочка, Вв – Vovk/ Вовк…). This is a great way to introduce fundamental learning conceptsContinue reading “New publication – Ukrainian Alphabet coloring book”