Stick-man (Цурпалко)

Julia Donaldson is a truly phenomenal writer of children’s books. This Ukrainian edition of Stick Man or Цурпалко is brought to us by Chitarium with excellent translation by Volodymyr Chernyshenko and editing by Hanna Osadko. Comparing both the English and the Ukrainian versions you will notice that the spirit of the original English text shinesContinue reading “Stick-man (Цурпалко)”

Happy Birthday to Carol of the Bells Composer (Leontovych)!

Mykola Leontovych — a Ukrainian composer, choral conductor, and teacher — was born on December 13, 1877. He is most famous for the Christmas classic “Carol of the Bells” (Schedryk). Read more and celebrate this famous composer here.

Grinch in Ukrainian

How The Grinch Stole Christmas! (Про Грінча, який украв Різдво) by Dr. Seuss is a timely classic. This Ukrainian version mirrors the rhyme of the English classic, which will sound familiar to English readers while delivering an entirely new feel in Ukrainian. Tip of the hat for excellent translation work goes to Marianna Kiyanovska (bio).Continue reading “Grinch in Ukrainian”

Where to buy Ukrainian language books?

If you live in Canada or the United States, you may find your next Abetka and children’s books at Yevshan’s online store. They ship from Kirkland, Quebec, Canada, and you can get it by mail fast even if the U.S.-Canada border remains closed to all non-essential travel across borders. If you live in Europe, youContinue reading “Where to buy Ukrainian language books?”

Abetka and Art

Abetka (абетка), or the Ukrainian alphabet, consists of 33 letters written in Cyrillic script. The word Abetka stems from the first two letters in the Ukrainian language:  а (a) and б (b). You can find many variations of Abetka books online. While some reuse old themes from a different era, others offer original takes on this importantContinue reading “Abetka and Art”

How to draw fruits with glitter (in Ukrainian)

This Melli Art School UA video (Фрукти з блискiтками Вчимо назви фруктів та кольори Навчальне відео для дітей) teaches how to draw fruits (apples, pears, cherries, etc.). It teaches Ukrainian words for these fruits and their colors. Give it a try.

Duolingo…або як вивчити українську 🇺🇦 мову?

Have you TRIED this app? If you want to learn Ukrainian from scratch or reinforce your existing knowledge, try duolingo. The best parts about this app are: its user-friendly interface intuitive approach to learning and small, bite-size, lessons that you can complete in a few minutes while on public transportation or on a coffee break.Continue reading “Duolingo…або як вивчити українську 🇺🇦 мову?”