I don’t want to be a princess

Thank you KidStory.UA for producing high quality Ukrainian language animated children’s books! Above, you can watch a book by Polish author Grzegorz Kasdepke: “I don’t want to be a princess” (Ukrainian: Я не хочу бути принцесою; Polish: A ja nie chcę być księżniczką), illustrated by Emilia Dzyubak and narrated by Nina Kastorf.

A critical mistake to avoid when raising bilingual children

Always on the look out for bilingual education advice, I found this excellent post by Homeschool Guru on raising bilingual children based on personal experience speaking English and French. What not to do is just as important as what to do. A key rule many of us raising bilingual children often forget is do notContinue reading “A critical mistake to avoid when raising bilingual children”

Easter (Великдень)

Major holidays are great for teaching new words and concepts, because these holidays are visible, recurring, and hold a special meaning in each family. Easter or Великдень (Velykden) in Ukrainian lends itself to various ideas of how to teach children language through shared traditions: Color Easter themed coloring pages featuring pysanky, Easter basket, etc. TellContinue reading “Easter (Великдень)”

How to raise bilingual & multilingual children

Speaking multiple languages has many advantages: languages open doors to other cultures, broaden your world outlook, and often make you more competitive in the job market down the road. Parents decide to raise their children bilingual or multilingual for many reasons. Two reasons seem to be most common: heritage and future prospects. Whatever the reason you decide, hereContinue reading “How to raise bilingual & multilingual children”

Our story

We are American expats, voluntary nomads due to career choice, of Ukrainian and Polish heritage. Raising our children bilingual, English and Ukrainian, we have experienced firsthand the challenges of teaching Ukrainian outside Ukraine. As we were buying books for our own use, we realized that quality Ukrainian educational materials for preschool and kindergarten age children areContinue reading “Our story”