Duolingo…або як вивчити українську 🇺🇦 мову?

Have you TRIED this app?

If you want to learn Ukrainian from scratch or reinforce your existing knowledge, try duolingo. The best parts about this app are:

  • its user-friendly interface
  • intuitive approach to learning
  • and small, bite-size, lessons that you can complete in a few minutes while on public transportation or on a coffee break.

However, Smallest Scholars is most excited about Duolingo ABC which teaches your child how to read. To quote Duolingo ABC, the app “helps kids have fun while they practice reading and writing in English, with more languages coming soon!

We look forward to using Duolingo Абетка soon!


Published by Smallest Scholars

Smallest Scholars is an online resource and independent publisher that provides materials and information for those raising (and supporting) multilingual children. We offer original publications as well as useful information about other publishing and media outlets that provide quality Ukrainian language products.

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