Where to download free Ukrainian educational worksheets

Finding educational materials in Ukrainian is not easy. If you ever searched for Ukrainian Abetka books on Amazon or other Internet marketplaces, you have no doubt discovered that the selection is abysmal. But, many online sites now offer content for direct download such as childdevelop.com.ua. This site offers many worksheets in Ukrainian (also in English and Russian) free of charge. If you end up liking it, for a small fee, you can gain access to the entire catalogue with unlimited downloads. Take a look at the below example, which teaches Ukrainian and logic:

To download this worksheet, go to the original content provider.

The above exercise helps your child to apply logic, develop creative thinking, and learn new words. In the first part, the child has to determine which goods belong in which store. In the second part, the child comes up with names for stores that sell listed goods, such as toys, sweets, etc.


Published by Smallest Scholars

Smallest Scholars is an online resource and independent publisher that provides materials and information for those raising (and supporting) multilingual children. We offer original publications as well as useful information about other publishing and media outlets that provide quality Ukrainian language products.

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