Ukrainian Alphabet Song

Ukrainian Alphabet Song (Пісенька про АБЕТКУ) features animals corresponding for each letter of the Ukrainian alphabet. Fun and easy way to learn new words while singing. The same YouTube channel also has other foreign languages such as Russian, Spanish, and others.


Published by Smallest Scholars

Smallest Scholars is an online resource and independent publisher that provides materials and information for those raising (and supporting) multilingual children. We offer original publications as well as useful information about other publishing and media outlets that provide quality Ukrainian language products.

2 thoughts on “Ukrainian Alphabet Song

  1. Прекрасний малюнок,кольори ясраві і милують око.Навчаймо своїх діточок,разом з ними робимо життя насиченим і корисним.Бо ми того варті.

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  2. Яскраві,теплі і милі кольори заохочують до літер,до їх вивчення діточками.


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