Easter (Великдень)


Major holidays are great for teaching new words and concepts, because these holidays are visible, recurring, and hold a special meaning in each family. Easter or Великдень (Velykden) in Ukrainian lends itself to various ideas of how to teach children language through shared traditions:

  • Color Easter themed coloring pages featuring pysanky, Easter basket, etc.
  • Tell your child about your family’s Easter traditions and the meaning of each, focusing on introducing some key words specifically related to the holiday – pysanka, paska
  • Dye eggs (yes this is a common Easter activity), but then discuss how & why we do that in relation to the technique & history of pysanky

Enjoy your holiday!


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One thought on “Easter (Великдень)

  1. Паска/Easter/ є доброю нагодою для діточок вивчити нові слова,одні з перших у їхньому житті,дуже суттєві і важливі по змісту.

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